Facilitating the story writing skills of students using pictures in an English Language Classroom

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This action research aimed at exploring the facilitating role of pictures for story writing skills of students in an English language classroom. The study was carried out in an English language class of Grade 7 in a government girls’ school in the context of Karachi, Pakistan. An action research method was employed within the qualitative paradigm. Data were collected from an English language teacher and four students of Grade 7 using classroom teaching sessions, observations, semi-structured interviews, field notes, document analysis and reflective journals. Findings of this research revealed that pictures, when selected carefully and appropriately, played a pivotal role in enhancing students’ story writing skills. Also, the enhancement of students’ story writing skills depended on the teaching strategies and techniques adapted by the language teacher in teaching stories. The findings also indicated that apart from the fun and enjoyment of using pictures in teaching, they could also be used as effective tools for teaching writing in general and story writing in particular. The findings of the study will be beneficial for language teachers who are involved in teaching learning of stories across the globe in general and in Pakistani government schools in particular. Also, the study will be helpful for future researchers wishing to examine the teaching strategies used to improve the students’ story writing skills. Lastly, some recommendations for teaching and learning story writing skills and future research in this area have been provided in this research work.

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