Exploratory study of a principal's teachnology (ICT) leadership practices in the rural context of Pakistan

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This qualitative research reports on the process and findings of an exploratory study conducted in the rural context of Pakistan that aimed to explore the technology (ICT) leadership practices of a private higher secondary school principal to describe how the principal enacts leadership strategies for promoting technology (ICT) use in the school. Data were collected using semi-structured interviews, observations and available documents. The study found that the principal’s role as a technology (ICT) leader who possesses a positive attitude towards technology (ICT) is very crucial for promoting its use in the school. The principal as a technology (ICT) leader adopts various strategies like provision of resources, equal access to all, technical support and backup, opportunities for professional development in technology (ICT) for staff, to promote the use of technology in the school. The principal holds a vision for technology (ICT) use which works as a driving force for the use of ICT in the school. In order to achieve the vision of technology (ICT), the principal has provided free and easy access to all ICT resources, with proper technical support and backup. The principal is monitoring the use of the ICT resources and the teaching and learning that takes place using technology through the help of technical support persons. The principal was also found to be supportive of the professional development of the teachers in the use of technology (ICT) in their classrooms. The findings of the study coincide with what the literature says about technology (ICT) leadership in schools. This shows that context does not have an obvious effect on the ICT leadership; however, the attitude of the principal towards the use of technology (ICT) has helped him emerge as a technology (ICT) leader. The presence of technology in the school and the principals’ positive attitude towards the use of technology (ICT) for transforming the traditional teaching and learning has motivated the principal to provide the necessary technology leadership.

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