Role of HEC in promoting and facilitating educational research in Pakistani universities

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This study explores the role of the Higher Education Commission CHEC) of Pakistan in facilitating and promoting educational research in Pakistani universities through policy analysis as research methodology. The role has been explored by the analysis of policy provisions, structures and processes developed by HEC to facilitate and promote educational research. Experiences of two Pakistani universities, one from public and one from private sector- has been analysed to explore that role. Analysis of the data suggests that research is a priority of HEC in its reform agenda for higher education in Pakistan. HEC has developed policy provisions, processes and structures that support and facilitate research in Pakistani universities but an overemphasis on scientific research has overshadowed educational research. Availability of funding, a wide range of incentives available for research, faculty development process for research, emphasis on publications and dissemination of research work, access to the global body of knowledge through IT integration and education, and research networks are indication of the effective role played by HEC for the promotion and facilitation of educational research. Research suggests that there exist some hindering factors as well which includes, dependency on donor funding and sustainability issues, communication gap between departments of education at universities and HEC, unavailability of clear policy text for educational research, lesser support provided to the private sector. Based on the findings, the study recommends development of indigenous funding strategy, enhanced collaboration and participation of universities through communicative structures, an increase in educational research funding, enhanced facilitation to private sector and wide range of evaluative studies to be carried out to review policy provisions and structural changes to facilitate educational research in Pakistani universities. In the end a post script comments on the post 18th amendment situation created by the dissolution of HEC.

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