How can action research help teachers to develop students' creative writing skills

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This study was conducted in a private school in Karachi. I introduced the action research approach to the teachers as a strategy to develop the teaching/learning process aiding in the development of creative writing skills. Two teachers, one primary and one secondary and eight students from class V and class VI participated in the study. I worked five days a week for six weeks lesson observed. I prepared activities and materials with the help of the teachers which emerged from the interest of the students. It was found out that the approach introduced in the study provided opportunities for the teachers to think and reflect upon their work. Through action research I built a close relationship with the teachers and the students. Action research helped the teachers to develop students' creative writing skills. The teachers identified problems and focused on how to resolve their problems. Through action research the teacher-students relationship assumed new dimensions. It was found that the new approaches which I introduced in my study provide opportunities for the teachers in developing and improving the learning teaching process. The dissertation has valuable methodological insights which will be useful for further research and my work with teachers.

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