Facilitating social studies teachers to use issue-based inquiry

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


It is widely accepted in the literature that teacher educators' follow-up and support in the class is critical for effective professional development of in-service teachers. However, very little empirical research has been conducted which supported the view that how does a novice teacher educator, who is learning to become a teacher educator; facilitate the teachers to use innovative strategies in their classes. This study was conducted to bring improvement in the knowledge and practices of a teacher educator (myself), while facilitating Social Studies teachers to use issue-based enquiry. This study was carried out in a private English medium school in Karachi, Pakistan, and was done with two Social Studies teachers of Grade Sixth, who used issue-based inquiry in their classrooms, while facilitated by the teacher educator. Through the process of an action research, the teacher educator implemented the strategies to facilitate teacher learning, monitored the implementation through classroom observation, conversations and reflected on the process of facilitating teachers to use issue-based inquiry. The findings of the study suggest that lesson demonstration, reflection on the practices, constant follow-up and support in the classroom by the teacher educator helped the teachers to implement new pedagogical skills and knowledge in their own classroom. The findings revealed that classroom management issues which emerged, especially at the initial stage of applying the newly learnt strategy, seemed to revert teachers to their old practices. Furthermore, the process of action research and constant reflection on the practices of facilitating teachers appeared to improve the professional expertise of a teacher educator.

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