Developing reading skills of primary children in government school

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


When the children go to school it is very important to them to learn reading and writing. Their classroom activities come under these two skills. The children working on some projects have to accomplish their work by reading books. Though reading is emphasized more but unfortunately a large number of the students in schools generally and in Government schools particularly, find the reading task challenging and as result most of the students face many reading difficulties. To investigate how I as a teacher could help the primary children to develop their reading skills, I conducted a study in one of the Government schools in Karachi where the medium of instruction was Urdu. What strategies could help the children to enhance their reading skills and what challenges hinder the process of reading? The study showed that reading skills could be enhanced if the tasks were according to the needs, interests and the abilities of the students. They are motivated to learn if they find something is relevant to them. Different strategies were found useful to promote students' reading skills. Their involvement and active participation in different reading activities encouraged the learners to enhance their reading skills. They could learn better if opportunities and a conducive learning environment is provided to them. The study also indicates that children are reluctant to read because they are afraid of making mistakes. They should be encouraged to take chances and correct themselves because they learn by making mistakes. In case they make mistakes they need support to correct themselves rather than be corrected by the teacher. The study showed that the teacher needs professional support to work with children to develop their reading skills. A teacher who is not professionally developed cannot help them to enhance their reading skills as they also need to learn many skills to achieve the goal successfully.

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