Enhancing the role of subject coordinators through appreciative inquiry

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


The purpose of this study was to enhance the role of subject coordinators through using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in a private secondary school of District Thatta. For this purpose, the study initially exploring the subject coordinators' existing roles (perceived and enacted) in relation to facilitating teachers' classroom practices. The study highlights how AI can be used to enhance the roles of subject coordinators, and what are the processes, outcomes, potential and challenges of doing so. For intervention, this study focused on one aspect of the role of subject coordinators i.e. observing classrooms and giving feedback to teachers to improve the teaching learning practices. In general, classroom observation and feedback method .focuses on the problem based approach of giving feedback, where problems, gaps or weaknesses are identified to then solve them. This method of classroom observation and giving feedback highlights the weaknesses and ignores the strengths and positive aspects of teachers. On the contrary, AI is a new approach for change that focuses on strengths and life giving aspects in people and the organization, based on a simple assumption that every organization has something that is working well. AI begins by identifying what is positive and connecting to it in ways that heighten energy and vision for change (Cooperrider, 1987). Embedded within the qualitative research paradigm, the study employed participatory action research (PAR), using an appreciative lens/ approach, and consisting of pre intervention, intervention and post intervention stages. Classroom observation, field notes, reflective conversations, reflective journals, observations, interviews, etcetera were some of the tools used to generate and collect data. The findings show that a positive and strength based focus was helpful to enhance teachers' self esteem and self confidence. Encouraging and facilitative role of the subject coordinators helped in enhancing the creative skills of the teacher and empowering them to use alternate approaches in their teaching. The study also highlights the significant impact that use of AI has had on subject coordinators' personal and professional lives and practices; for example, they used AI to not only provide strength based feedback, but also to develop strength based school development plan, and strength based individual educational plan for special need students.

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