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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Findings of the needs analysis of an Educational Developmental Project, revealed that the school needed support in developing teachers' knowledge and skills, to improve the quality of teaching and learning of speaking and listening skills in English of class V. This report focuses on the processes involved in addressing the needs of the school by developing the teachers' knowledge, skills about teaching and learning, and preparing resources related to teaching and learning of speaking and listening skills of English language. The report discusses the influence of the textbooks that drive the practice of the teachers in the classroom. It also discovers that the teachers view the school syllabus as a sacred programme that cannot be altered or modified. It addresses the concerns of the two participant teachers with regard to the teaching and learning of the spoken language. However, when provided support, the teachers showed that they have the potential and creativity to help their students build their oral ability. It clearly indicates if teachers are provided with the professional training that is relevant to their context, such experiences motivate them to learn more. The project discovers that teachers' personal interest to develop professionally is the most important internal aspect influencing change and development. Outside support can only work if provided in a collegial learning environment. This report makes a strong recommendation about developing programmes for teachers and students, in the area of listening and speaking, if there is a desire to develop good English communication skills.

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