Teacher performance appraisal: A tool for professional development

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Teacher Performance Appraisal has been considered an assessment tool among majority of teachers in Pakistan (Ali, 1998; Jaffer, 2007; Khalid, 2007). This study aimed to identify the required changes that could make appraisal as a tool for Teachers' Professional Development. The study was conducted in Star School (pseudonym), a secondary school in Karachi, Pakistan. The research was qualitative in nature using phenomenological approach. The seven research participants were selected through purposive sampling. Data was collected during an eight week-period through semi-structured interviews, focused group discussion and document analysis. Interviews were audio recorded and transcribed, documents such as policy and procedures were also analysed. The findings reveal that appraisal supports towards the knowledge and skill enhancement of the teachers if the appraisal scheme and tools are understood by the teachers. The two purposes of appraisal; summative and formative may not be easy to disconnect in Star School (a secondary school) but the focus of appraisal can be shifted from accountability to developmental appraisal through incorporating self-evaluation of teachers as part of existing appraisal scheme in order to develop teacher-ownership into the appraisal process. This sense of ownership offers an effective basis for stimulating change and development. However, this process also necessitated initiatives for developing expertise in appraisers and a practice-shift to connect appraisal practices with teacher professional growth. This study also recommends inclusion of self-appraisal for teachers in existing appraisal process. This study holds significance for various audiences directly or indirectly in the organisation I work for. The study could help in strengthening the appraisal scheme and it could also enable Head teachers in further in improving appraisal scheme. For the other researchers at AKU-IED, this study could give a kick-start on exploration of TPA as a professional development tool for teachers in Pakistan.

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