What strategies are employed by the head teacher to empower teachers in the classrrom

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Case study research was conducted to explore and understand the strategies that the school head teacher employs to empower teachers in classroom teaching. The study was conducted in a government school in Karachi, Pakistan with the head teacher and two classroom teachers. The main purpose of the study was to see what strategies are used mostly in empowering teachers and for how much these strategies help in improving teaching performance and enhancing school improvement. It is necessary to note that curriculum is most important factor in classroom teaching and learning. If classroom teaching is not meeting the needs of the students learning will not be effective. Also if teachers have no willpower in implementing curriculum, it is likely to affect the teaching process in the classroom. In classroom teaching, things like methodology, instructions, resources, materials, and strategies are necessary for implementation. Therefore, this study focuses on the use of such characters and examines how the school head teacher encourages teachers on the practice of these characteristics while practicing teaching in the classroom. The study reveals that the head teacher is the most important person in the school reform, and she is the change agent. Also, the study shows that teacher empowerment is one important aspect of education reform in the school. For the current situation, the head teacher understands the importance of the educational change process that focuses on teacher empowerment for school improvement. Several strategies were found to be critical in practicing teacher empowerment in the classroom teaching, among them are: providing teacher with freedom, introducing change, and providing teachers with professional development, and providing rewards support, trust and autonomy. The study urges the educational policy to rethink school leadership structure roles together with skills and knowledge of head teacher and teachers in realizing teacher empowerment.

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