Teamwork in a government girls higher secondary school in Karachi

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This qualitative study investigates and develops an in-depth understanding of teamwork in a Government Girls Higher Secondary School Karachi. The study was conducted to gain a qualitative insight into teamwork process. Exploring how team(s) work in the school, and what consequences they yield to. This dissertation argues that teamwork is an effective dimension, which bridges the gaps between teachers and management. The study focuses on the Management Team, how it works, and how it influences other teams. The Management Team work described in four areas: origin of teamwork, the Management Teams activities, teachers' and students' perceptions about teamwork and its sequences. The study was contextual, which required the qualitative case study paradigm. Interviews and observations were the main methods of data collection. It has analyzed the data using grounded theory development approach. The study was conducted in a Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Karachi. The primary research participants were three members of the Management Team (headmistress and teachers), while secondary research participants were two teachers, and two students who were not involved in the Management Team. The major findings of the study are: Teamwork leads to collectivism, develops a caring relationship, enhances commitment to school, and tends to lead to distributed leadership. The study offers insights for school headteachers/headmistress, educational manager and teachers. It points out the importance of working together in improving school collaborative culture, building teams, and distributing task. The dissertation also highlights teamwork effectiveness in terms of teachers' involvement in the school management.

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