Enabling teachers to teach the concept of rights and responsibilities more effectively, through making and using teaching material

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


The purpose of this project was to enable teachers to make and use teaching materials, in order to teach the concept of rights and responsibilities more effectively. Therefore, the whole project was developed to enhance the conceptual understanding of teachers regarding citizenship education, and rights and responsibilities and to develop their skills for resource development. In addition, I sought to raise their awareness regarding rights and responsibilities that affect the school's culture and the teaching and learning situation within the school. For this purpose, several activities were conducted during the implementation period, such as, workshops with the teachers, resource display activity, resource development sessions and demonstration lessons for the teachers to effectively teach the concept of rights and responsibilities. The whole project was monitored using qualitative information, and for this purpose different tools were used such as; questionnaire, observation, interviews. These tools were used at all stages for different purposes, i.e. in the pre-implementation period for needs assessment, during intervention for ongoing assessment, and post-intervention, for the overall evaluation of the project.

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