A case study of teacher leadership at a private higher secondary school in North Pakistan

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This case study brings out the importance of the notion of Teacher Leadership, that involves teachers in leadership practices in the light of the literature and research findings. This study was carried out in a private higher secondary school in North Pakistan, with an aim of introducing and promoting teacher leadership by investigating into the practices of the teachers at the school, because at the time of the study it was assumed, based on the researchers' own experiences at the school, that the teachers were engaged in leadership practices yet they were not aware of the concept Teacher Leadership. This study explored the kind of roles and the processes teachers were involved in at the classroom level and the school level; hence, unveiling the reasons and the conditions that supported the teachers in involving in such practices. For this purpose interviews, questionnaires, document analysis and writing reflections were used as means of data collection. Data were analyzed using a cross case analysis (thirteen cases altogether) approach, in the light of the conceptual framework, to develop the study. The data findings illustrate how teachers can be involved in leadership practices. Findings illustrated that teachers at the school were involved in leadership practices by taking initiatives at the classroom level and the school level. The findings of the study have implications as to how and why teacher leadership should be promoted in schools and why it should be incorporated in teacher education programs.

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