The headteacher’s role in motivating teachers to work in a secondary school facing adverse circumstances

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


The teachers in public sector school, in most of the developing countries, are working in challenging circumstances in terms of lack of physical resources. In Pakistan, the situation is not different. In most of the public schools in Pakistan, the teachers are confronted with lack of physical resources which has contributed to a large extent in their demotivation towards their work. Recent studies also point out that it is only the teachers' working context which motivates or demotivates them. The research also recommends for the exploration of factors within the school context, which can contribute to teacher motivation. Research assumes that when teachers' work context is conducive for their motivation, then they are motivated. Literature considers that the head teacher can create an environment in the school through his/her influential role, which motivates teachers towards their work. This small scale qualitative case study was conducted for exploring the role of the head teacher in motivating teachers to work in a school facing adverse circumstances. The study had four research participants that is, the head teacher and three teachers. The study was conducted in a secondary school run by a Trust, with little or no physical resources, yet the teachers were found to be motivated. The head teacher was found motivated towards making the school environment appealing for the teachers. The school environment comprised a clear vision, both for the whole school and individual teachers. The vision of the school was well-conveyed to the teachers by the head teacher, who encouraged the teachers to set their individual goals. The head teacher’s approach heartened teachers to work collaboratively towards the achievement of their goals. He also involved teachers in decision making and empowered them as autonomous professionals. He developed friendly relationships with the teachers and appreciated their efforts. The study found the lack of physical resources as a big challenge for the head teacher in motivating teachers. However, the head teacher’s role of standing by the teachers in any kind of situation and leading by setting a personal example enable him to deal with these challenges and this also made the teachers stand by him in any kind of situation.

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