Building capacity for teaching reading in a primary school

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Three course participants of Educational Development Project visited the selected school to initiate projects based on the needs of the school and gained experience of working in an authentic setting. This report describes one course participant's project Building Capacity for Teaching Reading in a Primary School. This report includes steps of implementation and course participant's reflections and analysis of the learning that accrued from the process of going through the project cycle. This project involved upgrading teaching of two novice teachers, so that they could shift their teaching practice from teacher-centered to student-centered approach and particularly focused on teaching reading with understanding. A coordinating teacher was included for the purpose of sustainability of the project. It is generally acknowledged that since teachers have learnt reading with memorization strategy, they pass this on to their students. This project taught those reading strategies, which the current literature has identified as promoting reading with understanding, and which prepared teachers to ensure increased interaction and increased reading comprehension in their planned lessons. The intervention aims to develop teachers through reflection adopting Schon's reflective cycle so as to build up their concern for professional development and building collaboration. Two novice teachers and one coordinating teacher of class three were encouraged to work together to promote student learning and language development. Keeping in mind the ethical concerns informed consent was obtained from stakeholders, namely the teachers, management, parents, and students of the school. This report includes information on project outcomes and challenges, and it concludes with recommendations for participant school and teachers and AKU-IED.

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