Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Nipael Mrutu

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Jane Rarieya


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


In this study, action research was conducted in one selected PTC in Northwestern Uganda to examine the use of multimodal techniques in the teaching and learning of English Language Education and Literacy in Ugandan Primary Teachers' Colleges. The study used a qualitative research methodology and an action research design to gather and analyze data. The techniques of data collection included interviews, observation, document analysis, and focus group discussion. The study consisted of 16 respondents (12 students, 1 tutor, 1 Principal, 1 Director of Studies, and 1 librarian). The data were analyzed by using the NVivo application. The results showed that teacher educators were utilizing traditional teaching techniques that could not involve student teachers in the process of teaching and learning. As a result, it was necessary to incorporate multimodal approaches that made use of images, sounds, videos, storytelling, and digital tools like tablets, laptops, projectors, televisions, mobile phones, and cameras... The findings further indicate that students’ involvement in various activities enables them to develop practical skills and their experiences with multimodal approaches (MMA) in learning ELE and Literacy. Therefore, I recommend effectively using these approaches in the teaching-learning process to enhance the teacher educators’ professional practice.