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Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation (EMMLI)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Thrity Engineer


Graduate School of Media and Communications


Radio has been a powerful tool for mass communication and entertainment for over a century. In many developing countries, vernacular radio, which broadcasts in local languages, has been very popular and it serves as a platform for promoting local cultures, traditions and events. However, with the advent of modern technology, young people are increasingly turning away from radio as a source of entertainment and information. This trend threatens the future of vernacular radio stations, which must find new ways to engage and attract younger audiences. This project used a case of Muuga FM. Muuga FM is a vernacular radio station under the Royal Media Services stable in Kenya, which broadcasts in the Kimeru language and covers the vast Eastern region of Kenya where the language is mainly spoken. The case study will be pivotal in the creation of strategies and innovations to make the user experience better. The project study used a qualitative research approach. Through survey questions and interviews, data was gathered from different youthful radio listeners and youthful vernacular show hosts. The data was then analysed to reveal the trends and patterns of young show audiences and also give an insight into their preferences and consumption habits. The first phase of the research aimed to understand the factors that influence their choices while engaging with the segment in the digital age. The second phase looked at the role of technology and its influence on content consumption amongst youthful listeners. The research also aimed to find out how the advent of social media platforms and other technology-based innovations like podcasts and streaming services influence young people and their radio station choices. Eventually, this study aimed to assist vernacular radio stations in understanding and catering to the needs of its young audience.