Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation (EMMLI)

First Supervisor/Advisor

David Muturi


Graduate School of Media and Communications


This capstone project explores how traditional media houses can generate revenue from hyperlocal digital content, focusing specifically on podcasts. As consumer habits and advertising trends shift towards digital platforms; traditional media outlets face the challenge of reaching niche audiences and convincing advertisers to invest in digital advertising, particularly in the realm of podcasts. With the decline in physical newspaper readership, the digital wave has gained significant momentum, leading to a transition from traditional media to more accessible and fragmented platforms. This project aims to design a sustainable revenue-generating strategy for New Vision podcasts, addressing the unfamiliarity of producers, media executives, and consumers with this new digital product. Findings of reasons for not listening and not downloading New Vision podcasts reveal critical insights. A significant 48.9% cite a lack of awareness, emphasizing the need for robust promotion. Technical barriers, including website access issues (18.7%) and problems with the Vision Digital Experience App (12.4%). A significant portion of respondents desire news-related content (14.8%), followed by interest in business-related topics (11.0%) and sports commentary (9.8%). Educational content (8.5%) and crime and investigations (8.4%) also capture the audience's intellectual and investigative curiosity. Males tend to favour the evening slot (6 pm to 8 pm), while females exhibit a similar inclination. The perspectives shared by industry experts highlight nuanced approaches, with targeted advertising identified as crucial by the Uganda Advertising Association, emphasizing alignment with audience interests for successful monetization. In contrast, the Marketing and Brand Manager at NSSF recommends utilizing podcasts primarily for communication, steering clear of traditional adverts to uphold listener engagement and meet communication and branding goals. In this study, a marketing project whose goal was to create awareness among media content consumers and build partnerships with advertisers was designed. It clearly outlines the key performance indicators that will be used to evaluate the performance of the project, it outlines the marketing tactics, the execution plan, a way to analyze monthly results and the project timelines.