Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation (EMMLI)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. David Muturi


Graduate School of Media and Communications


The global media industry, shaped by technological advancements, is facing existential challenges and Nation Media Group Uganda, like its industry counterparts, continues to grapple with declining circulation, viewership, and advertising revenues. These hardships test NMGU's sustainability, pushing the exploration of new digital revenue streams. Paywalls, initially slow globally, prompting a quest for alternative models, notably a hybrid e-commerce portal, prompting this research. To evaluate NMGU's potential hybrid e-commerce venture, the researcher gauged public interest and vendor/service provider willingness using quantitative methods. Out of 102 distributed questionnaires, an 83% response rate yielded 85 valuable insights, forming the primary dataset for analysis. Findings reveal a substantial 96% inclination toward a new e-commerce portal. Key attractions include a diverse product range (56%), while 99% expressed interest in a hybrid portal offering both products and services. Notably, 95% advocated for direct relationships with sellers. Product preferences underscore fashion sales, retail items, and personal care. Among respondents, 98% expressed willingness for vendor participation, citing customer care (68%), delivery support (65%), and discount days (64%) as primary motivators. Regarding transactions, 81% were open to fee-based services, with 76% preferring monthly payments, while 81% favoured a lower weekly payment of 2,000 Uganda Shillings, and 85% leaned towards the lower monthly payment of 15,000 Uganda Shillings, revealing price sensitivities. Using these findings, the researcher was able to conclude that the opportunity to set up an e-commerce portal exists and that the public is willing to visit such a hybrid portal. It also shows that the hybrid portal grants NMGU an opportunity to scale the product which could create more sustainable revenue streams for the organization. The researcher therefore recommends that NMGU consider getting into this space through a carefully curated range of products and services. It is also clear that the public is price-sensitive and is attracted by discount days which should be negotiated with partners regularly. The researcher has recommended a hybrid e-commerce portal and gone ahead to suggest a detailed guide that should be considered and followed as Nation Media Group Uganda designs and launches the hybrid e-commerce portal.