Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation (EMMLI)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Rose Kimani


Graduate School of Media and Communications


Media organizations in Kenya face significant obstacles, with the major ones being financial limitations and technological disruptions. Consequently, these challenges have necessitated the adoption of digital transformation as a means for media houses to sustain their operations and maintain their relevance in the eyes of their audience. Organizations around the world have opted to establish in-house brand studios or agencies to provide creative services and support their branding and marketing efforts by carrying out tasks typically handled by external agencies. Nation Media Group established Tag Brand Studio, an in-house digital marketing agency that develops and implements long-term digital marketing strategies and campaigns that place people and products at the centre of every interaction while providing marketing and communication solutions to both internal and external clients in driving digital transformation for digital commercial generation. However, Nation Media Group has seen a substantial decline in its net profit attributed to the drop in advertising, newspaper sales and failure to capture digital audiences by utilizing digital transformation. The main objective of this research was to analyse NMG’s Tag Brand Studio five years after its launch and evaluate its positioning, success, and challenges in delivering digital transformation. The study adopted a qualitative research approach where eight managers were interviewed from the Nation Media Group together with nine other representatives across departments such as editorial, commercial, strategy, finance, production, and external affairs. The findings indicated that Tag Brand Studio has emerged as a transformative force in Nation Media Group's digital landscape, significantly impacting brand awareness, online campaigns, audience expansion, and content development. Despite notable success, the studio faces challenges such as resource constraints, limited support, and internal competition dynamics. Additionally, there exists an ongoing debate about Tag's positioning within the commercial department underscoring the complexity of balancing revenue generation with long-term strategic objectives in NMG's digital transformation. The researcher recommends implementing strategies for enhanced internal communication and awareness, fostering collaboration with various departments, and exploring alternative positioning within the commercial department. Additionally, adequate resource and technology investment, coupled with leadership advocacy and support, are crucial for overcoming constraints and ensuring sustained success. Tag Brand Studio should collaborate with other departments with a focus on prioritizing content quality over strict revenue targets. Developing a collaboration framework and establishing comprehensive measurement metrics could further contribute to Tag's effectiveness in driving NMG's digital transformation.