Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation (EMMLI)

First Supervisor/Advisor

David Muturi


Graduate School of Media and Communications


In a world with social media outlets that are quick on the mark when it comes to breaking news, it is no longer the journalist’s job to be the first or the fastest to break news. That has been disrupted already. What audiences need now more than ever before is confirmation, understanding and analysis of what the news means to them, and how it will affect their lives. What they are looking for is an understanding of the genesis of an event, its progression up until the point the story broke, and why it should matter to them. The study sought to understand the news production process and the role of research in this. The study was conducted at Nation Media Group and Royal Media Services and employed qualitative and quantitative research methodology to collect data. The findings were analysed and discussed to determine how research can impact day-two journalism. The researcher recommends the setting up of a dedicated research department and suggests a framework for the set-up and staffing of such a department.