Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation (EMMLI)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Mr David Aduda


Graduate School of Media and Communications


This study sought to investigate the impact of digital transformation on legacy media in Uganda, using the leading English newspaper, New Vision, as a case study. Employing qualitative methods, including documentary analysis and interviews with 13 senior editors, circulation and finance managers, and media scholars, the study evaluated the impact of digital transformation on New Vision, examined revenue streams, and assessed the newspaper’s content strategy effectiveness. Findings reveal that while digital technology enhanced news gathering and distribution efficiency, it diminished the newspaper's ability to break stories, leading to declining sales and revenue. New Vision's attempts to monetise digital content face challenges due to low online subscription rates, prompting cost-cutting measures that compromise content quality. Diversification into non-media ventures and reliance on non-profit agency funding raise sustainability concerns. The study recommends re-evaluating downsizing, streamlining business ventures, exploring government funding cautiously, and considering a freemium paywall model. Crucially, it advocates for a streamlined non-profit revenue model, proposing the establishment of a foundation dedicated to funding investigative public interest journalism.