Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Executive Masters in Media Leadership and Innovation (EMMLI)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Prof Florence Muindi


Graduate School of Media and Communications


The study set out to establish the current status of the employability of graduate journalists in modern media houses in Kenya, with Nation Media Group (NMG) as the case study.

Specifically, the study sought to identify essential skills that media houses in Kenya currently need from journalism graduates, assess the skills capacity of fresh journalism graduates and determine challenges currently faced by employers in accessing skills needed in modern media houses. The study employed a qualitative research approach, and the researcher conducted in-person interviews with respondents. The study established that the skilling demands on the journalism profession are changing because of the digital disruption in the media industry, and this is evidenced in emerging newsroom roles. From the study, the essential skill set desired from journalism graduates, which could guarantee their employability in modern media houses is worryingly missing, and this is linked to their training. The most desired but hard-to-find employable skill sets are in the areas of multimedia journalism, data storytelling, coding, digital content production, web production, audience engagement and social media analysis, product development, fact-checking, analytical, investigative, artificial intelligence, and basic reporting skills. The study established that multimedia skills are the most in-demand, but also the most lacking. According to the study, a key challenge for employers recruiting for newsroom roles is finding the right people with the essential skills needed to handle current and emerging demands in a digitally evolving profession. Respondents were strongly dissatisfied with the ability of fresh journalism graduates to handle newsroom roles, expressing frustration that they were inadequately prepared for the job market. The study recommends that J-schools be aligned to changing industry skilling needs through structured and intentional engagement, and to continuously refresh their curriculum. A Journalism Skills Development Manual is developed from the findings to guide J-schools on training needs.