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Master of Arts in Digital Journalism (MADJ)

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Joyce Omwoha


Graduate School of Media and Communications


This study examined social media utility in television news programming using a case study of Urban TV, Uganda. It also provided an understanding of how television stations in the country integrate social media in their news programs by establishing social media utility in Urban Television’s news programs; assessing how Urban TV caters to its broadcast and social media audience in news programs, and exploring how Urban TV’s cross-platform utility caters to its social media audience in news programming. The study is anchored within the technology acceptance Model and uses in-depth interviews with Urban TV staff and direct observation of Urban TV’s social media platforms as data collection techniques. This study contributes to knowledge by providing scholars, practitioners, and policymakers with insights into how to integrate social media audiences into traditional television broadcasts and employ various platforms to reach social media audiences. Findings show that Facebook and X’s perceived usefulness in television news programming and ease of use in livestreaming, posting news updates, short clips or highlights of the news bulletin determined Urban TVs staff’s behaviour intension and actual behaviour in using them as an extension of the traditional broadcast, to engage audience, promote news programming, and attract and retain traditional broadcast audience. The study concluded that television can utilise social media in news programming as an extension of the traditional broadcast not only to attract and retain both offline (broadcast) audience and online (social media) audiences but also to remain an important source of news and information for the young audience. The study recommends that television consider going beyond utilising social media in news programming as an extension of the news broadcast to leverage opportunities for online broadcasting to cater to both broadcast and social media audiences.

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