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Master of Arts in Digital Journalism (MADJ)

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Hesbon Hansen Owilla


Graduate School of Media and Communications


While journalism training schools play a crucial role in equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the media industry, the rapid advances in media technology raised concerns about the training needs and skills and whether J-schools were equipping graduates with the requisite skills for the converged newsrooms. The rapid evolution of digital technologies transformed traditional newsrooms into converged newsrooms, where journalists are expected to produce content for multiple platforms, including print, broadcast, and digital media. This shift has created a demand for journalists with diverse skills, including writing, reporting, editing, video production, social media management, and data analysis. However, it is unclear whether journalism training schools in Uganda adapt their curricula to meet the changing demands. Some training schools are still offering outdated courses that do not adequately prepare students for the reality of working in the industry. This has contributed to a skills gap, where there is a shortage of journalists with the necessary skills to work in converged newsrooms. This study, therefore, sought to investigate the relevance of journalism training schools in producing talent for converged newsrooms in Uganda. Using a mixed methods approach and the Interdisciplinary Theory, this study explored the curricula of two Ugandan universities, Makerere University and Uganda Christian University, and compared them to the skills required for working in two converged newsrooms of Vision Group and the Nation Media Group. The study also investigated the perceptions of media industry professionals regarding the adequacy of the training provided by journalism schools in Uganda and tried to understand why it was taking so long for journalism schools to adapt at a pace similar to that of the industry. Ultimately, the findings of this study provide insights into the effectiveness of the current journalism training programmes in meeting the needs of the media industry in Uganda.

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