Perceptions of the stakeholders in the government education system about the role of professional development teachers

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


The study was conducted in the central district of Karachi, Pakistan. The sample of this study included one District Officer Education (DOE), one Supervisor, three head teachers, six teachers and three Professional Development Teachers. Since the focus of the study was to explore the perceptions of the stakeholders in the government education system about the role of PDTs, all the participants were selected from this system. The purpose of the establishment of the AKU-IED was to supplement government's efforts to improve the quality of education in the country through in-service teacher training. To achieve this objective, AKU- IED initially started working with fourteen government schools' in Karachi, called cooperating schools. Teachers from these cooperating schools participated in a two-year long Master in Education (M.Ed.) programmes offered by AKU-IED and were called Professional Development Teachers (PDTs), after completion of the programme. The purpose of the M.Ed. programme was to prepare a core of teacher educators who could, after completing the course, work with the teachers and help in improving the quality of education in their systems/contexts. Since 1995, quite a large number of teachers from the government education system, have obtained their M.Ed. degrees from AKU-IED and have been working in their systems/schools. During this time, very little effort has been made to understand the role of PDTs in the government system. This study is also a small effort to understand the role of PDTs from the perspective of the stakeholders with whom the PDTs are working. Using the qualitative research design, data was collected through interviews; using the semi structured interview guide and document analysis. This study will help to understand the role of PDTs in the government education system thus informing the stakeholders about the opportunities and challenge that the PDTs in the government system face. The study may help the administration of AKU-IED to look into the issues raised in the study and take remedial steps in order to enhance the PDTs role in the government education system, so that the goal of quality improvement can be achieved.

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