Teachers' perspective on current professional development practices from the lenses of reflective practice and professional learning communities

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Master of Philosophy in Education

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr Meher Rizvi


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Self-directed professional development of teachers is associated with numerous positive outcomes. Various initiatives have been undertaken to enhance the quality of teachers within the target population. However, there exists a significant gap in understanding the extent to which these initiatives incorporate teachers' self-directed PD approaches. Therefore, this study explored the teachers’ perspectives on reflective practice and professional learning communities in the professional development practices of public and private primary schools of Upper Chitral, KP. The researcher used a quantitative cross-sectional survey method. A single-stage randomized cluster technique was followed to select the participants with responses of n=238, including n=141 public teachers and n=97 private system teachers. The collected data were analyzed using frequency distribution, independent sample t-test for normally distributed items, and Mann-Whitney U-test for non-normal items. The results of this study revealed that both public and private school teachers reported having exposure to reflective practice and professional learning communities as part of their professional development. However, it is noteworthy that a significant proportion of private school teachers perceive a more extensive provision of opportunities related to reflective practice and PLC in their professional development as compared to their counterparts in public schools. In light of the findings, this research highlighted the necessity for public schools to place more emphasis on fostering teachers' self-directed initiatives in their professional development programs. Such an approach has the potential to benefit both teachers and their students, thus contributing to the overall improvement of the educational landscape in Upper Chitral, KP.

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