Understanding the recruitment and retention system of a private school system in Northern Sindh, Pakistan

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Master of Philosophy in Education

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Dr Sajid Ali


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Having quality teachers is really important for making sure students get quality education. Quality teachers are the ones who address students’ social, emotional, and intellectual needs rather than just covering the curriculum. In order to get quality in the classroom, we need to pay attention to how schools recruit and retain quality teachers, particularly in private school system about which we know very little through available literature. Hence, the purpose of this study was to analyze the recruitment and retention systems of a private school system in northern Sindh, Pakistan.
A qualitative methodology was employed by using case study design to carry out this exploratory research. The leadership of the school system along with two schools under the system were taken as research sample. From each school total 10 teachers: five quality junior teachers and five quality senior teachers were selected using the purposive sampling. Data was gathered through focused group interviews, semi-structured interviews, and document analysis. The data was analyzed through thematical analysis.
The study found that the school system recruit teachers through a three-step process comprising advertisement, written test, and interviews. It also found that the school system attracts quality teachers through having a good reputation, paying higher salaries, offering professional development, and providing hostel facility. For retaining quality teachers, the school system has policies and practices such as orientation, high salaries, manageable workload, professional development, collegial support, and a conducive learning environment. The study contributes by suggesting the important factors that affect the recruitment and retention system of the private school system, which include professional development, government jobs and school leadership.
This study adds to the existing body of literature on recruitment and retention system of the private school system by highlighting contextual factors that influence the recruitment and retention of quality teachers in the private schools of Pakistan, specifically in northern Sindh. The study recommends that by attending to the factors identified in the study, school systems may ensure the recruitment and retention of quality teachers in their schools, that ultimately improve the education quality in the schools of Pakistan.

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