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Master of Science in Nursing (MScN)

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Dr. Saleema Gulzar


School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Background: Adolescence (the period between childhood and adulthood) is characterised by significant changes in bodily functions, along with psychological and cognitive growth. The unanticipated changes in that phase (especially related to sexuality) can cause adolescents embarrassment and distress, thus impacting their well-being and development.
Purpose: The study aimed to evaluate the level of knowledge and attitudes among male adolescents residing in urban Karachi, Pakistan, specifically concerning pubertal changes and health. The primary focus was to gather information about how well these adolescents understand the physical and emotional transformations associated with puberty and their overall awareness and attitude towards pubertal health aspects.
Method: This study follows a quantitative descriptive cross-sectional design. A total of 277 male adolescents were recruited through a stratified random sampling method four study sites, two private secondary schools and two government schools in urban Karachi, Pakistan. Data was collected by using a comprehensive researcher-constructed questionnaire that assessed their knowledge and attitude towards puberty and the source of pubertal information.
Findings: The findings revealed that only 45.4% of students from private and 36% from public schools were acquainted with the knowledge of pubertal changes. Furthermore, a mixed level of awareness was observed among male adolescents in Karachi about puberty. While there was a basic awareness of the term "puberty," especially among students attending public schools, the depth of knowledge and understanding of the associated changes during puberty was varied.
Conclusion: The research showed that while there is a fundamental awareness of the concept of puberty, there is also a limited understanding of its complexities. Varied levels of comprehension among students from different educational settings emphasise the influence of environmental factors on adolescent awareness and emphasises the need for special educational initiatives to bridge the knowledge gap and prepare adolescents to navigate the complexities of puberty.

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