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Master of Science in Nursing (MScN)

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Dr. Salma Rattani


School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Background: Newborns in LMICs face high mortality rates. Multiple factors contribute to these moralities. Among these are unhygienic conditions, and infection of the umbilical cord stump. Unhealthy cultural practices, lack of awareness, myths, and socioeconomic status are key barriers to newborn care. In Pakistan, nearly 300,000 newborns die annually, highlighting the need for improved newborn care.
Objectives: This study is aimed to explore the perceptions and knowledge of mothers/caregivers about umbilical cord care.
Methodology: The qualitative descriptive exploratory design was employed to explore mothers' and caregivers' understanding of cord care through in-depth interviews. Fifteen interviews were conducted at a children's hospital in Karachi and data was analyzed through a thematic analysis.
Study findings: Four themes emerged through the thematic analysis: Mothers/caregivers’ approach towards the umbilical cord and its care, the cord care practices among mothers/ caregivers, factors shaping mothers’/caregivers' perceptions, and barriers in following modern cord care methods. Traditional family practices were followed by mothers and caregivers; however, awareness of the standard guidelines was inadequate. Also, the participants verbalized limited interest from health practitioners toward cord care.
Conclusion: Overall, this study provides valuable insights that can inform and improve the practices and perceptions surrounding umbilical cord care, ultimately benefiting the health and well-being of newborns and their caregivers. The study suggests that there should be policies regarding awareness programs that must be implemented to educate mothers and caregivers about modern umbilical cord care methods, bridge the knowledge gap between traditional practices and evidence-based guidelines, and improve healthcare practitioner training to enhance infant health outcomes and improve newborn care.

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