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Master of Science in Nursing (MScN)

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Dr Nagham Rizvi


School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Background: In critical care units, collaboration among professionals is essential to achieving the best possible patient outcomes, high-quality care, and efficient use of resources. Thus, this study explored the perceptions of nurses and doctors regarding interprofessional collaboration in critical care units (CCU) and cardiac intensive care units (CICU).
Purpose: The study aimed to understand the perception of nurses and doctors regarding IPC. The study also aimed to gather information regarding the factors associated with nurse-physician collaboration in CICU and CCU.
Methodology: A qualitative descriptive approach was used. In-depth interviews with a total of eight doctors and nurses in the CICU and CCU were conducted. Moreover, the study used a content analysis to determine and analyse the emerging themes related to perspectives of interprofessional collaboration.
Findings: The findings demonstrated how important interprofessional collaboration among healthcare professionals is for improving patient outcomes, quality of care, satisfaction with care, institutional preference, and effective use of resources. The findings also emphasised the value of understanding one's own and other's roles in the healthcare industry, as well as the necessity of adaptability and accountability among healthcare professionals. Moreover, successful collaboration was found to be influenced by mutual respect and trust, effective communication, and shared goals.
Conclusion: This study highlighted the importance of interprofessional collaboration in enhancing patient outcomes and healthcare quality in critical care settings. It thus highlighted the need for solutions, including improved training and education programs, policies, and making organisational adjustments to establish a collegial environment that promotes respect for one another. The study findings stressed that common goals of HCP, effective communication among them will improve patient care in critical care settings.

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