Self-regulated learning in classrooms: An exploratory study on teachers` practices

Date of Award


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Master of Philosophy in Education

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr Munira Amirali


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Among the current developments in education reform, one of the focuses is on preparing students to be successful in school and professional lives. Preparing students to excel in and beyond schooling is one of the crucial roles of education that is achieved when students are self-regulated learners. Nevertheless, even with decades of research on self-regulated learning (SRL) and the importance of fostering it among students, it remained an under-researched area in Pakistan.
Thus, acknowledging the need to explore teachers’ practices to form a preliminary basis for necessary action, this study explored teachers’ practices of supporting SRL at the secondary school level in Karachi. Using purposive sampling, two secondary school teachers of Grades VI and VIII, teaching Science and Maths, respectively, were selected for this study. The data was collected in a natural setting through classroom observations, and semi-structured interviews. At the same time, informal conversations were conducted with teachers to complement the obtained data.
The findings revealed that teachers were incognizant of the term SRL whereas their practices demonstrated supporting SRL among students. The teachers supported SRL through implicit strategy instruction focusing mainly on cognitive skills. Whereas only a few aspects of the learning environment were found to indirectly support the use of SRL skills. Teachers’ learning experiences in childhood and exam-oriented culture were found to be shaping their practices the most. The findings call for necessary actions. Thus, recommendations for policy practice and future research have been presented.

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