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Master of Science in Nursing (MScN)

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Dr. Rubina Barolia


School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Background: The Nursing Process (NP) is a comprehensive approach to care, integrating nursing intuition, goal-oriented tasks, patient-centered care, critical thinking, and evidence-based practice (EBP). It aims to enhance patient outcomes and well-being by identifying, treating, and preventing health problems. Widely acknowledged as a valuable instrument in healthcare, it emphasizes the crucial function of nursing. This study fills the gap in the literature by exploring nurses' perspectives on the utilization of the NP in Pakistan.
Purpose: The study aimed to explore nurses' perceptions regarding the use of the nursing process and to identify the barriers and facilitators to its implementation in a public sector hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan. Additionally, the study sought to identify recommendations from the nurses' perspective to enhance the integration of the nursing process in the future within the public sector hospital.
Method: An exploratory descriptive qualitative study was conducted, employing a purposeful recruitment strategy with fifteen participants selected to achieve data saturation. Data were collected through in-depth interviews and subsequently analyzed using manual content analysis.
Finding(s): Five themes emerged: Nursing Process from the Nurses' Lens, Ramifications of the Nursing Process, Enabling Factors to Practice the Nursing Process, Hindrances in the Application of the Nursing Process, and Nurses' Recommendations to Enhance the Nursing Process Integration. Nurses in the public sector value the NP in patient care because of its positive ramifications but are unable to apply it, due to barriers like burdensome, inadequate organizational support, and lack of autonomy in the decision-making process.
Conclusion: This research emphasized the importance of the Nursing Process (NP) in nursing care in Pakistan's public sector. Despite being aware of the potential advantages of the NP, nurses encounter numerous obstacles that prevent them from using it. It is imperative to tackle these obstacles to optimize the potential of the NP and elevate the standard of patient care within Pakistan's public healthcare infrastructure.

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