Exploring lived experiences of female schoolteachers in Karachi

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Master of Philosophy in Education

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Dr Nusrat Fatima Rizvi


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Teachers play crucial role not only in development of a child but also in the overall development of the academic organisations. In Pakistan, teaching is a preferred job of a large number of educated women who live under strick in patrichial structure of pakistan and fullfil their job requirement. Therefore, this study aimed to explore the lived expereinces of female schoolteachers to understand quality of their work life. This study demplyed phenomenological inquiry. The findings emerged through the analysis of the data are obtained through semi-structured open-ended interviews to bring forwards lived expereinces of female teachers.
The study reavealed the teaching is a meaningful, purposeful and enjoyable experience of the female teachers even if teaching was not the first career option for some. Nevertheless they felt themselves disadvantaged in complex power relations whether it is between them and their head teachers; students’ parents or them or male colleagues. This study concludes that the female teachers working in Karachi were not satisfied with the quality of their work life and felt it was negatively affacting their well-being.
The findings of this study would apprise policymakers and stakeholders the grieverances of female teachers to frame workplace policies to valid decisions related to employees’ wellbeing as well as to their quality of work life for the holistic development of teachers and students.

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