Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Digital Journalism (MADJ)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Lydia Radoli


Graduate School of Media and Communications


Having realized the potential of digital technologies, radio stations in Kenya have embraced technology to improve “interactivity with their listeners”. However, the extent to which digital technologies are used at radio stations and existing challenges and opportunities in uptake is yet to be established. The research's primary goal was to investigate technology uptake in Ruben FM radio stations. Specifically, the study sought to examine the extent of use of the existing digital technologies in Ruben FM radio station, explore other digital technology opportunities for uptake in Ruben FM radio station and establish challenges facing digital technology uptake in Ruben FM radio station. The study was based on Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The study adopted a cross-sectional research design. The target and sample size were 20 employees at Ruben FM. The primary data was collected using both questionnaires and focus group discussions. Quantitative data were analysed using descriptive statistics such as frequencies, mean and standard deviation. Qualitative data generated from open-ended questionnaires and focus group discussions were analysed using content analysis. The study established that existing digital technologies are used daily to a greater extent at Ruben FM, including social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram and YouTube, podcasts, and radio websites. The study found various challenges facing digital technology uptake by Ruben FM radio station. These include power supply interruptions and limited access to the internet, among others. The study recommended that the management of Ruben FM radio station should ensure the installation of a backup generator to solve power supply interruptions. The study also recommended that the management of Ruben FM radio station should create an offline radio mobile app that will enable more people with android phones to access radio programs without using the internet.