Self evaluation processes and school improvement

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Master of Education (M. Ed.)


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This study aimed at exploring self-evaluation processes and their contribution to school improvement in a school system. As the research sought to study the lived experiences of the key participants of the phenomenon of self-evaluation in a school system, I chose to conduct a phenomenological study in the qualitative paradigm. The research was conducted in three units (two secondary schools and a college, including the girls' college section) working under the umbrella of a community-based educational network in Karachi, Pakistan. The research participants included the Executive Director, three Principals, the Coordinator, the Vice Principal, a Professional Development Teacher and six Lead Teachers. There are various self-evaluation procedures in place at the Leaders' Educational Network (pseudonym). All the activities like students' academic and co-curricular progress, teaching and learning processes, admissions and staff performance are monitored and evaluated through these procedures. The study found that the procedures are internallydriven and involve the stakeholders at various levels, like principals, lead teachers and teachers. The management has developed an understanding of the meaning and purpose of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) across the board, and is enthusiastic and committed about M&E of all the aspects of their units with a focus on the smooth functioning of the work, accountability and improvement. Self-evaluation and school improvement is an under-researched areas in Pakistan; hence, the study is significant as it brings to light the processes and activities through which schools monitor themselves, either consciously or unconsciously, how much and to what end the data, which are collected through different means, are utilized and how much the stakeholders like teachers, students and parents are involved in the evaluation process; the study also explores the contribution of M&E/self-evaluation to school improvement.

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