Teachers assessment practices during instruction in a biology classroom in Nairobi, Kenya

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Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Ruth Ombonya Otienoh

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Peter Kajoro

Third Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. John N. Maundu


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Classroom assessment is any assessment whose function is to promote teaching and learing during instruction. This assessment method is now being encouraged by educationalist and professional educational institutions such as AKUIED. The purpose of this study was to explore the classroom assessment practices of two biology teachers during instruction.

A case study was carried out in a public secondary school in Nairobi, Kenya. The teachers were observed during their teaching of both theory and practical lessons and were also interviewed. Document analysis was used to triangulate the data collected through observation and interviews. Two teachers, a male and a female participated in the study.

This study established that these two teachers perceived classroom assessment as tests that teachers give to the students at specified time intervals. What the teachers said about their assessment practice was not always reflected in their classroom teaching. The study revealed that these two teachers showed limited ability in using the different methods to assess the students as they taught. The methods that were predominantly used by the two teachers were questioning, practical work, written feedback and verbal feedback. One of the teachers showed elements of classroom assessment in written feedback that was given in the students practical books.

The study also revealed there were a number of reasons that caused the teachers to use particular methods such as: teacher's personal experience, school policy, and external factors such as national examinations.

This study has also given the implications of the findings for future practice and recommendations for further research in classroom assessment during instruction

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