Practice of teacher leadership: A comprative case study of two primary schools in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Dr. Mweru Mwingi

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Brown Onguko


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Teacher Leadership is recognized as a powerful and highly influential genre or Educational leadership due to its potential for school improvement. Although much has been discussed about Teacher Leadership in the western academic world, little is Explored in the context of developing countries, in Eastern Africa. Therefore, my study aims at understanding the practice of Teacher Leadership in t two schools in Dar es Salaam. Tanzania. i have used a qualitative case study approach to understand the practices of two primary schools; a public and a private. Purposive sampling was undertaken for this study to obtain a rich data. The results have shown that teachers practice leadership in all the four levels of Grant's (2006) model of Teacher Leadership; in the classroom, in working with other

teachers, in whole school development and into the community. It also emerged from the study that the practice of Teacher Leadership is contextual in the school culture, structure and social interactions of various stakeholders. The study has reported several challenges, which the teachers face in the practice of Teacher Leadership. Some of these challenges are large class sizes and increased workload of the teachers. These challenges are the typical representations of' contextual realities of Tanzania; being a developing country. While these challenges tend to affect the quality of Teacher Leadership, the study has also revealed that teachers do not stop to Practice leadership. Even in such disadvantageous circumstances. This report also highlights several factors, which either promote or hinder Teacher Leadership in the two schools under study. Within these factors, the role of the head teacher has proved to be of great importance. Hence, this study has documented insights on the practice of Teacher Leadership in Tanzania: a genre of educational leadership, which was being practiced unknowingly for long.

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