An exploratory study on the use of ICT in the management of secondary in Dar es salaam.

Date of Award


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Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Brown Onguko

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Samuel Oyoo


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


The study was designed to establish the status of ICT use in the management of secondary schools in Tanzania. Studies from the developed world seem to indicate that Information communication technologies (ICT) can assist in the management of schools While this might be true. very few studies on lCT and educational management have been conducted in the East African region. My study: therefore. sought to explore the use of ICTs by head teachers in the management of Secondary Schools. the factors that favored and hindered the use of ICT in secondary schools in Tanzania. The study was conducted in Dar es Salaam region. It was only those schools that taught computer studies that were selected. and these were randomly selected. The National Examination Council of Tanzania was visited to identify the schools for the study. Twelve schools were identified, and from these three schools were selected. The study had nine participants. including a principal, a school bursar and a secretary to the head teacher in each school. A qualitative approach was used for the study. The results from the study indicated that school managers were aware of the potentials of ICT and they used it for managing assessment. communication and for accounting purposes in schools. It was found out that financial ability, donor support and school leader were important factors for the use of ICT in schools. Lack of technical support. maintenance and sustainability were singled out as the major obstacles to the use of ICT in schools. I recommended that professional development should be used in order to enable head teachers in selected schools to get the skills so that they can use ICT in the management of schools.

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