Impact on headteachers' role perceptions and professional practice of the certificate in education management, North areas of Pakistan.

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Master of Education (MEd)


Institute for Educational Development, Pakistan


The Head and PDTs from the PDCN identified the need for impact studies of the WSIP programmes in the Northern Areas of Pakistan and requested AKU-IED's assistance in the development and implementation of these studies. A workshop on impact studies was held with the PDCN team on Feb 22-3. 03. as a result of which number of possible areas for investigation were identified. One of the possible areas identified was the impact of WSIP on headteachers roles and practice. Since the CEMNA programme was offered especially for headteachers from WSIP schools, and since the scale of an impact study of the CEMNA programme would be smaller than the scale of an impact study of WSIP and therefore more appropriate for a Masters dissertation, the CEMNA programme was selected as a focus for this investigation. Participants of the CEMNA programme also included some headteachers from non-WSIP schools. It was assumed that the impact of the CEMNA on WSIP headteachers would be much greater than the impact on non-WSIP headteachers due to the number of interventions and support provided in the WSIP programme. Therefore a comparison of the impact on WSIP and non-WSIP headteachers was built into the design of the study in order to determine whether the WSIP had an impact on headteachers' role perceptions and practice. The researcher picked this topic because: a) it was an identified institutional need; b) not much work on headteachers' role perceptions and practice in the context of developing countries has been done; c) impact studies are an area of priority for IED as well as PDCN; d) the researcher felt that the results could be of interest to the educational community because of the difficult economic and physical context of the schools.

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