Preparation and development of public secondary schools headteachers for school leadership in Kenya.

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Dr. Susan Namalefe

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Dr. Hillary Dachi


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Headteachers play a central role in the management and development of school education and the implementation of the total curriculum. However, despite the important role of headteachers in Kenya, there seems to be no specific formal preparation and development to equip them for school leadership and to continuously empower them to execute their duties for school effectiveness and improvement. Preparation and development of headteachers is important in bringing about school effectiveness and improvement; it is reflected in the holistic development of students in secondary schools. Hence this study aimed at exploring the experiences of headteachers in public secondary schools in Nyakach. Nyando District, Kenya. The focus is on how they were prepared and developed for school leadership. The sample comprised four headteachers who were purposively selected based on the school type and gender. Factors facilitating and those hindering leadership preparation and development were also explored. A qualitative research approach was employed including interviews, document analysis, and informal observations and conversations. Findings demonstrate that pre-service training at universities and colleges does not exactly prepare headteachers for school leadership. Most preparation and development of headteachers is school-based (on-the job) in form of in-service courses, and headteachers annual conferences organized by KESI and KSSHA respectively. Some headtcachers take a personal initiative in developing themselves. Support by incumbent headieachers'. personal initiatives and leadership roles held facilitate leadership preparation and development, while lack of finances, coupled with few and irregular in - service courses hinder preparation and development. It is recommended that there is need to have systematic preparation for school leadership and continuous development of headteachers to enable them acquire knowledge. Skills and attributes that will enable them run schools effectively so as to bring about school improvement and effectiveness. This may also help in identifying potential headteachers early enough. A link should therefore be established between the Ministry of Education and training institutions to offer courses in school leadership.

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