Teacher educators' experiences in implementing the 2007 teacher education diploma curriculum: a case study of a public teachers' college in Tanzania

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Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Peter Kajoro

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Ruth Otienoh

Third Supervisor/Advisor

Joseph Oonyu


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


This is the report of the study that was conducted at a Public Teachers College in Tanzania to explore teacher educators' experiences in implementing the 2007 teacher education diploma curriculum for secondary school education. The study was based on exploratory qualitative study. A case study resrach strategy was employed. Teacher educators were the focus of the study. The primary source of data collection was the use in individual face-to face in depth interviews. The interviews were supported by document analysis and classroom observation for corroboration and triangulation. Data were organized and analysed around subsidiary research questions.

The key findings of the study indicate that teacher educators understood the curriculum and had a positive, their positive attitude towards the new curriculum. Despite being given inadequate preparation, their positive attitude influenced their commitment hence the implementation of the TEDCSE. However, teacher educators experienced lack of professional support, acute shortage of resources, larger classes, heavy workload, lack of incebntive and limited knowledge in some areas of the new curriculum. This study therefore makes recommendations to curriculum developers and teacher education depertment to provide intensive ongoing professional development and support to teacher educators for effective implementation of the new curriculum. It also recommends the importance of supporting Teacher Training Colleges in terms of resources.

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