The implementation of workplace professional development programs in teaching: a case of a government diploma teachers college in Tanzania

Date of Award


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Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Marriote Ngwaru

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Mary Oluga


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


This study aimed at investigating the implementation of workface professional development program (PDPs) in classroom teaching in a teachers’ collage. The reason behind the study was the experience that tutors in colleges are involved in workplace PDPs in which they acquire knowledge, skills, and attitude. Thus, the study explored the application of what is learnt in classroom teaching. The study employed a qualitative approach and a case study design to investigate the implementation of workplace PDPs in teaching. It used a purposive sampling to obtain the participants. The data were collected using interviews, observation, and document analysis. Data was analyzed in narrative form and presented in themes according to research questions. The study showed that tutors acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the workflow. But they were not able to use all what is learnt in their teaching practices. Some challenges were found to be hindering the implementation of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in teaching. The study finally concludes that, the college has to do some needs assessment from the tutors to identify what they find useful in their teaching and include in the PDPs. Also, some monitoring programs have to be put in place to ensure tutors use their learning in daily teaching. Lastly, the college has to prepare a plan indicating a program for every week and ensure necessary resources are available.

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