Experiences of primary school pupils living with HIV and AIDS: a case study of four pupils in Dar es salaam

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Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Mary Oluga

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Marriote Ngwaru


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


AIDS has proved to be a tragedy for the whole human society. CLHA are the most affected group by the pandemic. Unfortunately, little effort has been made to ease their problems especially in education. Until today we do not know the exact number of CLHA in our schools. Neither teachers nor education officials call tell how many CLHA are in their schools. This research was done to find out the experiences of the CLHA in their schools to understand how they cope with the desperate situation in which they live. The researcher used multiple methods to collect data in a multiple case study of four children in three schools in Dar es salaam. Parents often hide information of the CLHA simply for fear of being discriminated when identified. The secrecy exposes the CLHA to harsh punishment, they can also be sent away for lack of contributions or school uniforms. The teachers also cannot help them because they can not identify them or due of lack of skills to help them. This research shows that the problems of these children in schooling are partially connected to stress which may occur as a result of the pain of parents’ ailment, loss of the parents and frequent relocation depriving them of the familiar environment and the friends they were used to play with. Added to the bitterness of different of different opportunistic diseases, the children lack the scholastic materials and malnutrition due to orphanhood and poverty. However, these problems can be mitigated if adequate measures are taken at the right time. We can support them emotionally or materially, but the best practices are to prevent MTCT and to save their parents life because they are the best caregivers

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