Integrating ICT in financial management: a case of a secondary school in Tanzania

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Dr. Mweru Mwingi

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Peter Kajoro


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


ICT has revolutionalised every sphere of human interaction. Most organizations have undergone radical changes in social interactions, work place and business processes due to developments in ICT. With thw workplace connected , the integration of ICTs in everyday activities in many institutions is becoming the norm. The integration of ICT in schools in developing countries is also on the increase. However, integration is mainly in teaching and learning. ICT is yet to permeate financial management in most schools in developing countries.

The successful integration of ICTs in business financial management and the ability of ICTs to enhance efficiency, transparency and accountability, acting as a deterrent to corruption and fraud are indisputable. Yet, many schools have failed to tap the potential of ICTs in financial management.

This study aimed at establishing how school leaders facilitated integration of ICT in school financial management with a view of understanding the role leadership played in the process.

This qualitative case study comprised one school, and the five participants were comprised of leaders who were involved in managing school finances or maintain the ICT technologies. Interview was used as the main method of collecting data alongside document analysis and observation.

The findings revealed that ICTs facilitated the management of finances in a number of ways. ICTs facilitated transactions and use of money, and enhanced budgeting and budget control. Furthermore, ICTs reduced chances of loss of school funds and fraud. The findings also showed that while the ICTs are necessary, technology leadership is even more important for effective utilization of technology in managing school finances.

The findings may be useful in understanding how to introduce innovations in schools, and especially how to use ICT s to manage school finances more effectively.

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