Novice tutor induction practice in a government teacher training college in Tanzania


Arceno Mapii

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Lilian Vikiru

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Peter Kajoro


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Tutors need professional development to help them select the most appropriate instructional techniques and strategies to meet the set educational vision and objectives. In Tanzania, novice tutor induction provides support for beginnings tutors to build competence in pedagogical skills, mastery of subject oriented activities and growth in the teaching profession.

This study investigated the effectiveness of induction program to novice tutors’ personal-perception of their methodological content and skills after their first year of joining the teaching career, and the teacher college leaderships’ support in the program. The information was collected using document analysis, interviews and informal observation. Interview were collected using document analysis, interviews and informal observation. Interviews were conducted to 6novice tutors, vice principal, 4 heads of department and Tutors Education Program (TEP) coordinator.

The findings showed that the study college adheres to the government policy as it conducts induction for novice tutors. The principal and extension leaders played their role in supporting the program by providing material and human resources. The novice tutors- expressed positive strengths they gained from induction in three factors: Teaching methods, technique and strategies support; providing technique for accommodating problems; and classroom management skills. The results set up the improvement of tutors through induction to be a continuous process that worked but not completed during the initial tutor preparation. The implications of the findings for induction of novice tutors are discussed in chapters four.

The recommendations provided Include the need for education authority to develop well-designed and detailed policy on induction that will cater for the whole of novice tutors’ probation period.

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