Regularisation of contract teachers in school education and literacy department (SELD), government of Sindh

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Master of Philosophy in Education


Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This study explores the process of regularisation (confirmation) of contractual teachers at school education and literacy department (SE&LD), Government of Sindh. In particular, the study explored the challenges faced by the contractual teachers during their service. The study intended to respond to the following research question:
How does the process of regularisation of contractual teachers take place at SELD and how can it be improved? The topic was considered important because as per my experience as Head teacher in government sector, contractual teachers lose their motivation because of their unclear future, which affects their teaching and learning process. Hardly any such research exists, that has explored such questions in detail particularly in the context of Sindh. There was a need to explore the process of regularisation of the contractual teachers, the challenges they face, and how it all affects their teaching performance.
In this study, Qualitative Exploratory research methodology was used to collect data through semi-structured interviews; from 13 research participants including 09 contractual teachers of different batches i-e Sindh University teachers-SU- 2010, National Testing Service Teachers-NTS- 2014 and SIBA Sukkur Institute of Business and Administration Testing Service Teachers IBA-2019. Furthermore, two interviews from union leaders and two interviews from SELD officials. Findings revealed that there is no regular policy or process to guide the regularisation procedure; hence contractual teachers go through a long struggle for their regularisation that impacts their teaching. Teachers’ union play a vital role to get these teachers regularised through an uncertain way which includes of protest, pressure, political settlements after bureaucratic negotiations. The SELD follow the directions of political high ups rather than devising a regular strategy. It is thus suggested that, there should be a policy or proper legislative process document for the regularisation of contractual teachers.

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