The utilization of the library innovation project as an intervention of developing literacy in Morogoro region of Tanzania

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Prof. Jacob Marriote Ngwaru


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Due to high rate of enrolment in primary schools which is as a result of UPE, more children are going to school but the literacy levels are very low in Tanzania. More children are leaving school without attaining basic literacy that can make them function fully in the society. The situation is even worse in the rural areas. The situation has called for the NGOs, to intervene to bring about equity and equality to the people of Turiani. The RR has intervened in the rural areas of Turiani by constructing libraries to be utilized to improve literacy in the region. The study set out to find out how the library intervention project is being utilized by the teachers, pupils and the community to improve literacy and how it has influenced the pupils’ literacy development. The study involved qualitative research method and involved a multiple case study design in three schools within the project area. The schools were selected purposively in terms of looking at the school enrolment (one high and one low) and in reading competition. The study interviewed three head teachers, six teachers per school teaching lower classes, teacher-librarians, parents and pupils. There were three focus group discussions with teachers, each one conducted per school. The focus group discussions provided information on how stakeholders were prepared to utilize the library project and how they were utilizing the library to develop literacy in the schools. Structured interview schedule and Observation schedules as well as document analysis were used to collect the data which was also recorded using voice recorders and field notebooks. The data was then transcribed and coded according to the themes of the study. The study revealed that the library intervention projects had influenced the learners’ attitude, behaviour and performance had improved. Teachers and to a small degree the community had also become readers and using the information to improve their lives.

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