Parental involvement in the learning of children’s literacy at home and school: a case study of a government aided primary school Bukedea district Uganda

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Master of Education (MEd)

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Prof. Jacob Marriote Ngwaru

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Dr. Fortidas Bakuza


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


Research has proved that parental involvement is expected to improve the literacy learning of children both at home and school. The research here has mentioned areas on how parents can be involved in the children’s learning of literacy at home and school. The reason for this research was to find out the extent of parental involvement in the children’s learning of literacy at home and school. During September and October 2014 the researcher visited one of the government primary schools in Uganda found in Eastern region in Bukedea district to collect data, through semi structured interviews, focus group discussions, lesson observations, and document analysis the researcher found that the parents are involved in activities like; buying print-rich materials that children read at home, providing children with local materials and encouraging them to engage in playing as a way of acquiring literacy competences, counting objects, people, naming and grazing animals as well as digging, parents composed and sung songs for their children as well as engaging in oral literature activities and home chores. Parents were also involved in school extracurricular activities like; games and sports, music dance and drama and other activities that called for their involvement at school included; class visitation days’ and PTA meetings. However, much as the parents were actively involved in the learning of their children’s’ literacy at home and school, this did not go without the challenges. Parents mentioned three major challenges that bar them from helping their children as poverty, low levels of education, and inadequate time.

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