Exploration of teacher resource center support towards professional growth of primary school teachers in the teaching of mathematics: a case of a TRC in southern Tanzania.

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)

First Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Peter Kajoro

Second Supervisor/Advisor

Dr. Angelina Bijura


Institute for Educational Development, East Africa


A number of primary school teachers have academic and professional shortcomings which can be traced to their education background before they got into the teaching profession. However, to replace these qualitatively weak teachers with the quality ones is not possible as they are many in numbers and also due to contractual obligations. The only viable existing solution therefore is to up-grade teachers by means of in-service teacher professional development programmes. This study therefore, explored TRC support towards professional growth of primary school teachers in the teaching of mathematics. The study applied a qualitative research approach and a single case study design. The sample for the study involved 5 participants including 4 teachers and 1 TRC coordinator. The findings from the study identified some PD programmes which were conducted at Beta (pseudonym) TRC for teachers’ PD. These programmes were such as technical and academic support, improvisation of instructional materials, storage and distribution of resources, computer training and cross cutting issues. Furthermore, the study revealed workshops, seminars, discussions and presentations as some of the activities that teachers were engaged in during the PD programmes. The study further revealed some challenges like poor coordination, ignoring teachers’ involvement in programmes planning and development, lack of systematic budgeting and financing of Beta TRC programmes and lack of follow-up strategy which hindered Beta TRC from honouring the mission for which it was established. The study concluded that, for Beta TRC to be effective and able to honour the mission for which it was established, it is important to establish a regular system of financing the offered programmes, improve quality of this centre and facilitators’ quality to enable them to efficiently manage Beta TRC Programmes for teachers’ PD, iv there should be a system of motivating teachers who attend PD programmes from TRC, establishing a follow-up strategy to assess the programmes, creating conducive infrastructures, library services, electricity, providing reprographic services, ICT services, increase teachers’ involvement in TRC programmes planning and development and establishing coherent and integrated programmes for teachers’ in-service training.

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